What is FloripaSat anyway?

The FloripaSat group consists of an initiative of students from UFSC - Brazil (Federal University of Santa Catarina) to develop a scientific CubeSat. A CubeSat is a type of miniaturized satellite, measuring multiple cubic units of 10 cm and weighing no more than 1,33 kg per unit.

We have undergraduate and postgraduate students that develop the complete space mission and new scientific researches. Our current mission is FloripaSat-I, an 1U CubeSat (cube of 10 cm) whose main goal is to involve the students in a full space mission, developing all the modules of a nanosatellite and its own ground station.

This project is within the Brazilian Space Program, UNIESPAÇO, promoted by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). We are located on SpaceLab inside UFSC in Floripanópolis - Brazil.


The FloripaSat group aims to capacitate students in the development of a complete space mission. We also aim to work with recent tecnologies and to do researches that impacts the academy and the society.


We aspire to be a point of reference in nanosatellites produced by universities. The group wants to be self sustained and to launch nanosatellites annually.


Proactivity, Leadership, Innovation, Integrity, Accountability, Quality, Passion.

Main Objectives

The main motivation for the FloripaSat project development is primarily to educate students in space technologies and space system engineering. This motivation has several impacts:

  • Complements the knowledge acquired in the classroom
  • Generates technical expertise for those involved
  • Capacitate the students for teamwork and leadership
  • Stimulate the Brazilian Space Program