• FloripaSat-I

    FloripaSat-I is our current mission and the first mission developed in its entirety by the group FloripaSat. Also it's the first CubeSat in Brazil to develop all the circuit boards, from the layout and choosing of parts to the soldering of components.

    The FloripaSat-I consists of a 1 U cubesat (a cube of 10 cm) with seven boards stacked (OBDH, EPS, TTC, battery board, interface board and two payloads).

    We intend to launch our satellite into space in 2018 and currently we are after funding. The estimated cost of the launch is $70,000 and the cost of our satellite is around $50,000.

    Our mission as a whole is open source, with the documentation made in GitHub Wiki also open source. Check the links in our Documentation page.

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