Selective Process 2018-2

27/08/2018 - 09:10

The group FloripaSat opens new selective process on Marketing, Verification and Hardware and Software Development.

The group FloripaSat opens a new selective process

The areas of knowledge developed are Marketing, Verification, Hardware and Software Development.

We are a laboratory responsible for developing a complete space mission by developing a CubeSat: a nanossatelite that has its name because of its format and size, a cube of 10 cm that fits in your hand!

Our objective is finishing the current mission until october and launch the satellite in 2019! Newer missions are already planned.

Description of the Activities:

  • MTM (Marketing and Talent Management): Prepare new selective processes, divulgation, contact with possible financers.
  • Verification: Verification Matrix and testing the satellite.
  • Development: Layout, soldering and assembling PCBs, embedded softwares including operational systems.


  • Motivation
  • Availability to work 12 hours per week


  • Soldering experience
  • Electronic instrumentation knowledge
  • PCBs design knowledge
  • C programming language for microprocessors
  • Embedded operational systems (FreeRTOS)
  • Code versioning (Git) and Linux knowledge

Developed Knowledges

  • Personal and professional evolution
  • Oportunity to work in a real space engineering project
  • Group work managed by Scrum and contact with other areas of tecnology
  • Extra class experience
  • Hardware and electronic learning from professionals with job market experience
  • Learning Altium
  • Work in a satellite that will be launched soon!
  • Abroad internship oportunities

Send you curriculum vitae together with a motivational letter to! Subscriptions open until 24/08.

Come and help us launch the first CubeSat of Santa Catarina!

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